Using Shepherd’s Hooks

Enhance your garden with height and dimension by shopping our Landscapers Select 64 or 84 in Single and Double Shepherd’s Hooks. They are perfect for displaying plants, bird feeders, wind chimes, lightweight lanterns, string lights and more.  

There are many ways you can utilize shepherd’s hooks in your yard. They are an effortless way to create height in a garden or flower bed, along a walkway or near a mailbox. Their stake in the ground design makes them easy to place, no digging or fuss. They are inexpensive and we have a wide variety of sizes available here at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center.  

The most common way you’ll see shepherd’s hooks used is in the garden with a hanging plant basket. You can also hang lanterns, string lights and more. Utilize them for a look in your own yard to create a great look.  

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