Insect Control

Looking to control insect pests in your home, garden, and lawn? Shop Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center. We have products available from Spectracide, Bonide, Sevin and more. Some of these products are ready to use and easy to deploy, no mixing required.  

Control the insects from your yard both inside and outside. Our formulas kill on contact to provide insect control. These fast-acting products can be found in granules and liquid spray form.  

Don’t let bugs feel at home. Remember to look for tiny gaps around doors and tears in window screens, these are opportunities for bugs to get into your home. While it seems nearly impossible to keep bugs out, here are some ways to make them scarce:  

  • Seal up cracks & openings. 
  • Clean up the kitchen.  
  • Dry any damp areas. 
  • Clean & sweep regularly.  
  • Keep the outside free of debris.  

Take control with products you can trust. Shop Tri-Creek for your insect control products for your home, garden, and lawn.  

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