Lawn & Garden

Patio Life

Shop our stylish outdoor patio furniture that you’ll love. Modern and simple designs of outdoor patio furniture can be found at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center. Perfect for any outdoor space. Decorate your patio, porch, etc. with a wide variety of outdoor furniture!  From colorful tilt umbrellas to wood and iron benches, Adirondack chairs, picnic tables …

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All The Riches of the Earth

Our garden soil, all-purpose potting soil, and others (seedling, succulent/cactus, perlite, etc.) are the highest quality out there (Black Gold and Miracle-Gro). They are nutrient rich and beneficial for your plants and come in a variety of sizes. Refresh your pots and get ready for summer planting. You know your plants want to show off. …

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Mulch and Rock Refresh

Upgrade your yard with the best mulch and rock around! Spring is in the air and mulch and rock can be purchased at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center. If you are looking to refresh the landscape areas in your yard, a fresh layer of mulch and/or rock will add curb appeal. These materials can do wonders …

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Hose For Life

We need to talk about Flexzilla! I am sure it’s a brand you might have heard of. It’s not new to the Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center family of products. But it does warrant us to talk about Flexzilla garden hoses and how awesome they are. This hose is engineered with a flexible hybrid polymer that …

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Seed Starting

Seed starting time is upon us and our Jiffy products coupled with Livingston® Seed will get you growing. These days gardeners choose Jiffy products because it’s plastic free and biodegradable. Made from all-natural materials, it breaks down naturally into the surrounding substrate. Jiffy pots are also light in weight, easy to handle and helps plants …

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Winter Shovels

Winter may find you in need of a new snow shovel. Getting prepared for the next ice and snow is easy at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center, we have the best shovels to help you battle blizzards, ice storms and the occasional flurry.   We are stocked with all your Winter essentials. Stop in to grab …

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pull string fire starter

Pull Start Fire

This is something that you will want to have at home. This is the fastest, easiest way to start a fire. We have all been there, picking up logs and branches off the ground. They are wet, freshly cut or even frozen. Trying to pull apart logs to make some kindling. Meticulously placing every piece. …

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Topsoil & potting soil

Having the Right Soil

Having the right soil is so important for your lawn, your vegetable and flower garden beds. Shop Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center for your soil needs. In stock we have All American Top Soil, All American Potting Soil, Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, Composted Manure, Peat Moss and more! Adding soil to your garden beds is to ensure …

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Livingston Seeds

Start Growing Something Great

Looking for vegetable, flower, and herb seeds? We offer top-quality, non-GMO vegetable and flower seeds at a great value. Our seeds are in packets, some with unique window packaging showcasing the seed size and quantity. We have dozens of new and exciting seeds available at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center. We also have the companion effective …

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