Did you know we had an elf?

Elf Nicholas was all the rage here at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center. He even came with his own Elf Daddy! November 2021, we adopted a Tri-Creek elf, and his name is Nicholas. To say he seems to have come out of a storybook is an understatement. Elf Nicholas appeared in our store and had been watching us and reporting who has been naughty or nice to Santa. As part of the storybook Elf Nicholas was in a different hiding place each day this month leading up to Christmas Day. I can say we are going to miss him; we enjoyed his antics. Listening to the children running down the aisles looking for Elf Nicholas and the delight in finding him (with a surprise candy cane as a finder’s fee) was great fun. We have enjoyed his movement in the store each evening only to discover each morning where he is and what he is up to. Elf Nicholas got into a bit of mischief, and I think was generally helpful talking about everything from discovering new kitchen cabinetry to hanging around in the chain aisle watching the shoppers go by.


So, if you are thinking about adopting an elf on the shelf, just know we do certainly love Elf Nicholas at Tri-Creek and hopes that he chooses our store again next Christmas to make an appearance. All I kept thinking about was how grateful I am that Elf Nicholas didn’t make a mess in the fastener aisle. I suspect that could have been a lengthy clean up!


One thing we did learn is that we love Elf Nicholas’s personal touch! We are all close to the cause we are promoting and it’s our passion that makes it easy to turn ideas for our store into a success! It does lend us to think, are we important enough to be on Santa’s watch list? Much like children, we want our customers to be reminded of how special they are to us. And to see their smiles as they happened upon Elf Nicholas in the store aisles tells us that there is nothing better than sharing this great experience with our customers!


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