Steps To a Better Lawn

Start here for a yard worthy of BBQ’s, kids, pets, and play.

Without proper care, your yard can quickly become a battleground of grass vs. weeds. No need for a turf war thanks to the Scotts® 4 Step® annual lawn care plan. You will know exactly how and when to feed your lawn for a better spring, summer, fall and winter lawn.

Step 1 is the crabgrass preventer plus lawn food. Apply in early spring anytime while the temperatures are still cool. This prevents crabgrass before it can germinate and feeds to green up a winter weary lawn.

Step 2 is the weed control plus lawn food. Wait 4-6 weeks after applying Step 1. It kills many broadleaf weeds like dandelions, while feeding and nourishing the lawn. This step builds thick, green turf from the roots up.

Step 3 Lawn food with 2% Iron. Apply in the summer between June – August. This step feeds and strengthens the lawn against heat and drought, guaranteed.

Step 4 Fall Lawn food. This can be applied 4-6 weeks after Step 3 between August – November. It greens up the lawn now and helps strengthen and protect it for a better lawn next spring.

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