Seed Starting

Seed starting time is upon us and our Jiffy products coupled with Livingston® Seed will get you growing. These days gardeners choose Jiffy products because it’s plastic free and biodegradable. Made from all-natural materials, it breaks down naturally into the surrounding substrate. Jiffy pots are also light in weight, easy to handle and helps plants thrive. Shop Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center for your pots, strips, greenhouse kits and seed starter soils plus check out our heat mat and grow lights! We have what you need for seed starting!


Looking for the best seeds? Shop Livingston® Seed here at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center. We offer top-quality, non-GMO vegetable and flower seeds at a great value. Our seeds are in packets, some with unique window packaging showcasing the seed size and quantity. They are best known for bringing the modern tomato to the world. A.W. Livingston improved the best characteristics. Prior to his work, tomatoes were considered ornamental rather than edible! Livingston bred and released 35 tomato varieties, creating the cultural preference for one of today’s most beloved favorites.


We have dozens of new and exciting seeds available at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center. Growing your own flowers and vegetables gives you full control over what you and your loved ones eat.


Come grow with us and shop today for great assortment of seed. What will you grow next?

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