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Kitchen Appliances: The Heartbeat of Your Kitchen

Have you seen our updated showroom? Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center has partnered with Fase-Kaluf Appliances to showcase the full look of kitchen areas. Now when shopping for cabinets, you can see full kitchens with appliances that will compliment your look. This partnership offers you great prices on their top brands, plus they have the best selection around.

As you know, kitchens are often revered for their style whether it’s modern or cozy. Selecting the right kitchen appliances that match your chosen design, style and budget are important. We showcase a variety of kitchen appliances in our showroom to begin your thought process when planning for your new home, a remodel, or a refresh; shop our showroom and see the Fase-Kaluf Appliances to shop their great selection.

Visit Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center and get inspired by our showroom designs. Then visit Fase-Kaluf Appliances for their friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable salespeople for your design needs!