Hose For Life

We need to talk about Flexzilla! I am sure it’s a brand you might have heard of. It’s not new to the Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center family of products. But it does warrant us to talk about Flexzilla garden hoses and how awesome they are. This hose is engineered with a flexible hybrid polymer that is both lightweight and durable. This is a premium hose that redefines flexibility and is easy to maneuver around your yard.


  • Won’t kink under pressure.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Lays flat – no memory.
  • Extreme all-weather flexibility.
  • Durable


The Flexzilla family of hoses is available in a variety of lengths and dimensions to meet your needs. Shop Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center and buy a garden hose you will love to use!