Good Things Take Time

There is so much truth in this simple statement. We walk by faith not by sight.


There is a story of an aha moment and it’s a great corollary to how things tend to operate in the world today. Everyone wants things immediate and fast. There is no time for distraction or delay – people want everything to happen the very instant they desire it. This is now our culture and a running theme for some of our lives: diets, physical fitness, learning, business, home renovation and so on.


Today let’s think about furniture, appliances, and most importantly kitchen & bath cabinets. Much like the aha moment – home renovation doesn’t work like that.


“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.” – Abraham Lincoln


Shop with confidence at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center and remember “good things take time”.


Before you begin your home renovation project – remember to begin your planning process with our designers here at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center. Before you tear out your kitchen and bath – loop us into your process planning and let’s design the space of your dreams and budget and set a realistic timeline. This will help you understand timing for building your cabinets, measuring for your countertops, and scheduling the plumber.


Taking the time to plan and factor in lead-times (which can be up to about 4 months these days), will allow us to bring your dream project into reality. It’s also a good idea to plan for unexpected pitfalls… such as if something comes in broken or damaged… or gets backordered. The circumstances are never ideal but understanding it can happen and having a plan will allow for less stress with your overall project.


Let our designers bring your dream kitchen and/or bath to life, call Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center and let’s walk through your building and/or renovation plan together!

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