shop vac filter

Breathe Easier with a Clean Shop-Vac Filter

Having the right filter means everything for your vacuum to run efficiently. Look at your filter and if it is not able to be cleaned, visit Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center and shop our Shop-Vac aisle and choose the filter type for you! We carry cartridge and foam filters, fine dust and collection bags.

We have great all-around filters perfect for all dry pick-up tasks. We have wet pickup foam sleeves used whenever you need to pick up wet messes or large amounts of water. And our disposable collection bags fit inside your tank and collect dust and debris.

Shop The One & Only Shop-Vac here at Tri-Creek Home Improvement Center. We have the best wet/dry vac products for on the job or around the house. Shop-Vac has your back with high performance wet/dry vacs.